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Hi, Beauty! My name is Olya, and I am honored to serve you in your feminine unfolding and empowerment journey, so you can create the most ecstatic and magnificent life you’ve always dreamed of.

You can have it all, Queen!

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Feminine Leadership & Embodiment Coach

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Feminine Embodiment

Hi Sister! Are you tired of a never-ending grind, feeling empty, and living someone else’s life?

While deep insight, you KNOW the full capacity of your feminine power. You CRAVE to feel more pleasure in your body and joy in everything you do. You are READY to be fully seen and nourished in your relationships. You are READY to shine your light and create a new level of impact and leadership in your communities.

You are on the right path, Sister! Welcome to the Temple of Ecstasy - a temple of magic, mystery, lusciousness, wildness, and abundance. And let me tell you - YOU ARE HERE FOR A REASON!

  • You are here to remember that you are powerful beyond measure and can have and be anything you desire!

  • You are here to unlock the full potential of your feminine magic and create the most ecstatic and magnificent life for yourself and others! 

  • You are here to claim that you are the biggest gift and contribution to the world just by being YOU! 


The world needs your medicine, Sister! Your time to shine and fly high is NOW! And this is exactly why you were led here. Let's jump on a connection call and see what kind of magic opens up for you.



The Divine Mother has been waiting for YOU to say YES to yourself!


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One-on-One Coaching

One-hour private sessions are conducted over the video call or Zoom. In-person meetings are available on demand.

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Group Coaching

One-hour sessions are conducted for two or more people over Zoom or in-person. Best suited for organizations, academic groups and team project design.

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Workshops & Events

Custom designed by topic and audience and facilitated in person with groups 20+. Best suited for special events, recurring gatherings and community building.

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"My time working with Olya has been the most productive of my professional career to date. With her help, I was able to successfully move to a position with tremendous growth potential - a position I would never have even applied for before."

"Olya's women's circle allowed me to come back to my heart and my body, feel safe and comfortable in my own skin. My relationships with myself and my partner are now full of radiance, acceptance and love."

Michelle V, Investment Relations Consultant

Julia S, Marketing Manager

"Working With Olya has been a catalyst for my growth as a female leader. She knows exactly what breakthroughs create the most impact in overcoming my deepest fears. Her energy, wisdom, and patience have empowered me to be a confident global leader. I wish every female leader could be coached by her."

"Thank you for your guidance in my healing journey. I feel softness and love in my heart and interactions. My body feels different, and I see my beauty and aliveness coming back. I have finally arrived."

Daisy V, Founder, and CEO

Elena P, Leadership Consultant

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