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About Olya

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Olya Shapiro (Shekinah), CPC, ACC, is a High Priestess, Shakti Transmission Guide, and a Certified Feminine Leadership & Embodiment Coach.  She has traveled the world, supporting women in stepping into the next level of their personal and professional leadership, reconnecting with their bodies and feminine essence, and fostering depth and intimacy in their relationships.  

As part of her mission to share the sacred feminine codes, Olya co-founded the School of Shakti in Russia and has been facilitating sisterhood circles all over the world, spanning Eastern Europe, North, Central, and South America, Canada, and India. At the core of her teachings lies the temple healing art, helping women activate their full power and unique souls' gifts by utilizing their own life force energy.

Olya completed her professional coach certification at Accomplishment Coaching and earned credentials from the International Coach Federation, where she now serves as a member of its Professional Development Committee. Prior to coaching women, Olya spent a decade consulting for a variety of corporate clients, ranging from S&P 500 companies, wealth asset management, and private equity firms to pre-IPO technology startups.

In her coaching, Olya seamlessly merges the worlds of feminine mystery and business to support women in creating outstanding results in all areas of life. Her clients deeply appreciate her fierce commitment to their full expression and unapologetic pursuit of everything they desire. They are drawn to her unique ability to blend fierce determination with shamanic guidance, creating a supportive space for transformation and unfolding.

When not teaching or running her business, you can find Olya dancing at shamanic drum circles and enjoying the healing sounds of Spanish medicine songs.

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